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stop keystone project pipeline

Hi I have thought a long time over the various issues concerning our country of Canada, and the citizens need to stand up for themselves economically and environmentally. Stand up for themselves and not let these egostical powerful corporate entities ride over oppurtunities that are available, not let the income gap drain on the over-exerted, beyond exhaustion that the Canadian citizens have endured.

I can't sit there and watch multi-national corporations not let Canadian citizens get a portion of their own natural resources without having any expenditures or financial benefits.

1)Canada has a horrible amount of residual concentration of earths remaining superpowers and a horrible gap in the rich/poor and this type of hugely concentrated unrenewable fossil fuels project is creating a closed profit reducing the possibilities for the underfinanced young people and everyday Canadian citizen.
2)There are much more ideas that are much more civil for shipping gas than using a pipeline:
a) existing taxpayers roads and highway systems with an integration in our economy more accessable
b) a cooperative freight/passenger railway improvements.......


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